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About Us

Lantern Wood is a family-owned business which was established as a result of a sustainable bush clearing program to manage Sekelbos encroachment. Sekelbos is classified as an invasive species and if left unmanaged encroaches on other bushveld flora.

Our wood is harvested in the Limpopo Province of South Africa predominately from Sekelbos in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Lantern Wood guarantees you a reliable supply of top-quality dry firewood and kindling. We offer a free delivery service to your home or business within a radius of 15km of Bryanston (Johannesburg) for purchases of 30 or more bags of wood.

The Name-Lantern Wood

The name ‘Lantern Wood’ is derived from the flowers of the Sekelbos tree which resemble miniature Chinese lanterns. The Sekelbos tree is appropriately also referred to as the Chinese Lantern Tree. In South Africa- Sekelbos is also referred to as the Kalahari Christmas tree.

About Sickle Bush/ Sekelbos

Sekelbos is classified as a hardwood. Hardwoods burn hotter and longer than soft woods because of their high density and low moisture content. The heat produced by this dense, dry burning wood is high, creating hot, slow burning, long- lasting coals making it an ideal firewood. Perfect for the braai, fireplace and wood burning stoves.

The aromatic natural oils contained in Sekelbos and its unique musky fragrance enhance the taste of meat making it a firm favourite with braai enthusiasts. The density and low moisture content of Sekelbos makes it sought after because it provides excellent long-lasting coals and minimal smoke.

The large orange flames created by Sekelbos create a warm ambiance, perfect for any occasion. The hot embers keep your home warm through the cold winter months and chilly autumn evenings.